Engaging listeners at Kids Otter Read Around the Bay Day at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California, sponsored by the NCCBA (Northern California Children's Booksellers' Association).

Speaking to students at Adarsh Public School in Karnal, India

Services: School Visits, Conference Presentations, Manuscript Consultations

School visits

Ann loves doing school visits! With years of experience in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, she delights in talking to students of all ages. She engages students with her passion for the subjects of her books, as well as for the joys of reading and writing.

Grades: K-12
Assemblies: Any size
Number of sessions: Varies with school needs

Sample presentations:
How to Write A Book
The Writing Life
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Known and little-known stories about the great American icon
Who was James Beckwourth?
Culture and multi-cultural life on the frontier
Child labor and world efforts to help

Please use the "contact" tab or e-mail Ann at AManheimer@​gmail.com for further information.

Conference presentations

Ann’s experience in the classroom and her extensive study of craft combine with her background in law and journalism to make her a highly effective presenter. Her talks inform and inspire experienced authors, librarians, and educators as well as those new to the field. Please use the "contact" tab or e-mail her at AManheimer@​gmail.com for further information.

Manuscript Consultations

Ann’s professional background as an editor of books, newspapers, and magazines, together with her years of studying craft and workshopping with fellow writers, have honed her editorial acumen. She provides several levels of consultation depending on the author's needs, from light proofreading to an in-depth look at substance, structure, character development, plot, setting, and dialogue. Please use the "contact" tab or e-mail her at AManheimer@​gmail.com for further information.

Selected Works

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Dreaming of Equality
An award-winning biography of the famous civil rights leader, for grades 4 through 7.
James Beckwourth: Legendary Mountain Man
“An authentic, compelling account of Jim Beckwourth’s life as a famous African American frontiersman …. ”
Short story
“Riffs,” in What A Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music
Sixteen-year-old Lee is torn between playing with his band or caring for his hospitalized mother.

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