"Thought for Food," in Cicada

"In the country of Modenia, music nourishes people in the same way that food nourishes us. Classical music provides balanced nutrition, while romantic tunes clog up the ear canals with icky sticky sweetness. Ann Manheimer has written/​composed a rich and imaginative story that is indeed food for thought."
-- Deborah Vetter

Selected Works

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Dreaming of Equality
An award-winning biography of the famous civil rights leader, for grades 4 through 7.
James Beckwourth: Legendary Mountain Man
An authentic, compelling account of Jim Beckwourths life as a famous African American frontiersman .
Short story
Riffs, in What A Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music
Sixteen-year-old Lee is torn between playing with his band or caring for his hospitalized mother.

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