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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Dreaming of Equality

This biography takes the reader from Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood through his assassination. While it focuses on his development as a great civil rights leader, it also discusses his flaws and his family. Designated a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People by the NCSS and CBC.

James Beckwourth: Legendary Mountain Man

The exciting story of James Pierson Beckwourth, a nineteenth-century African American mountain man. Born a slave, he lived a free and adventurous life as a trapper, a wilderness guide, and a Chief of the Crow nation. For grades 4 through 7.

At Issue: Child Labor and Sweatshops

A young-adult anthology offering a wide range of opinions about the causes of and solutions for harsh working conditions and the use of children in the labor force.

The History of Drugs: Alcohol

A young-adult anthology offering insights into the history, the cultural significance, and the current medical and political issues around the use of alcoholic beverages.

“Riffs,” in What A Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music

"Twelve writers, including Joseph Bruchac and Ron Koertge, contribute short stories, each with a core theme of music. The authors use a variety of writing styles to explore a range of musical genres, from classical to rock to marching band… [A] few pieces (e.g., David Levithan's title story, Ann Manheimer's 'Riffs') are both strong and touching."
[Horn Book]

"Thought for Food," in Cicada

"In the country of Modenia, music nourishes people in the same way that food nourishes us. Classical music provides balanced nutrition, while romantic tunes clog up the ear canals with icky sticky sweetness. Ann Manheimer has written/composed a rich and imaginative story that is indeed food for thought."
[Deborah Vetter, Executive Editor]

"The Dollhouse," in Bruce Coville's Books of Nightmares II: More Tales to Make You Scream

A mysterious dollhouse, a lesson in fractals, and a spooky old neighbor take Lina to another dimension -- one you won't learn about in science class.

"The Ghost Well," in Ghosts and Golems: Haunting Tales of the Supernatural

Wind, fire, earthquake, and a ghostly well help Allie reach a new understanding about her role as a bat mitzvah, and about the role of her bat mitzvah in her life.

"Clara's Foolish Pursuit," in Cricket

The fascinating story of the West Coast's first woman lawyer, Clara Shortridge Foltz, a single mother of five who opened California's public law schools and the California State Bar itself to women. Her ideas for providing free legal assistance to indigent criminal defendants helped form the foundation for the country's public defender system.